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Oct 01, 2012 at 01:45 PM

Automatic Meter Reading Monitoring : Is estimation possible?


Hi Experts,

My company is working for a Domestic Client in India and recently we have got a situation where electricity connection is provided to the consumer without a meter but as it is against regulations, they used to do give the connection against a dummy meter which is physically not there in the consumer's premises but it is there in the system. Now the requirement is like we have to do automatic estimation for those Dummy meters based on periodic consumption and they are not going to enter meter readings

Is it possible to do it using EL30 or EL32. Though I have managed an entry in Define Automatic Monitoring of Meter Reading Data, it is not executing the user exit EXIT_SAPLEL01_020. So it will become irrelevant to write code inside ZXELXU14.

Step by step solution would be appreciated. If possible kindly mention any cookbook available.

With Regards,