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Oct 01, 2012 at 12:49 PM

Performance based preventive maintenance


Hi Team,

I have problem in generation of maintenance order while scheduling performance based preventive maintenance.I used IP30 for automatic scheduling

rather than IP10. I have created the followings for IP30. I have not scheduled through IP10.

Variant: PM:PERF.

Maintenance Plan: 80003000000.

Maintenance Plan Category: PM.

Maintenance Strategy: SP1002.

For SM36 i have used the followings:

My job name: PREV-MAINT(PERF).

Programme name: RISTRA20.

Variant: PM:PERF.

I have scheduled the background job in SM36 and released from 28.09.2012 onwards. It is a daily scheduled job and the start time is morning 6am.

But i did not find any maintenance order generated automatically, rather the job is cancelled.

In the job log in SM37, it shows that no maintenance plan was selected.I have

updated the counter reading 1000BPH which is updated in IP10 screen for total counter reading and according to the

maintenance plan cycle(1000BPH) order should be generated automatically. I am unable to find the problem.

Kindly help.