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Oct 01, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Single Billing for Multiple Delivery


Dear Experts,

We have a customer who has got presense in ultiple locations. Different sales managers will be sellings products in the various sales area for the same customer. By month end customer will pay us in single bill. How can we accept the bill and then allocate the amount to the various sales areas?.

Example: Customer A with Sales areas Sales Area 1, Sales Area 2, Sales Area 3

Sales AreaSales AmountSales Area 1500Sales Area 2250Sales Area 3350

By month end Customer will pay us in single cheque amount of 500+250+350 = 1100.

How can we record the transaction. We want to accept the receipt as a single bill and provide the customer a single invoice. But system should internally allocate the bill according to the sales areas.

Kindly help


Ranjit Simon John