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Oct 01, 2012 at 09:48 AM

Reg. MRP Background execution


Hi All,
I need your input in setting up the MRP Background Job for the below process.
I have 2 Manufacturing plants and 10 Depot plants
All the item under 2 Manufacturing plants will have two types of MRP - PD and VB
In case of VB manual reorder point level is set.simillarly the 10 depot plants also will have both types of MRP PD and VB.
Wherever the material is under MRP Type - PD it will have current month Plus next 3 month Planned Independent rquirement in SAP MD61.
All the these material will be under MRP Controller.
For all the 10 depot plants the Suppliying plant will be these 3 Manufacturing plant.

My question here is how i will plan for background MRP Run.If i plan plantwise means how sholud i plan for as my Planned ind. Requirement will be for Effectively 4

months.For eg. In the Month of June i will have planned demands for all the products under PD for the Month June, July, Aug and Sep.Say 1000 no's of X item and 2000 no's each for Y item.
1.What should be my MRP run Frequency?
2. Which plant should i excute first Either MFG plant or Depot plants?
3. IF i go by plants and for eg i set MRP run as every week then between the weeks time some times under MRP type VB goes below the ROP level then it will be covered in the MRP run by the weeks time only Right?
4. Some times my planned demand in MD61 will also undergo changes and deletion after MRP run.In this case how it will addressed?

Kindly throw some lights.