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Sep 30, 2012 at 01:07 PM

Goods issue through PI sheet


Hi Gurus,

i am trying to simulate "Goods issue" scenario in pi sheets. for that i have assigned "CONS_D" Process instruction category to the required phase. when i release the order control recipe is not created and checked in the log- log shows- no values assigned to char. 0080 PPPI_RESERVATION_ITEM in process instruction 0010 phase 0020. then, in process instruction screen of the order, against this characteristic i have assigned "0040" which is item number of the raw material in materials section of the order. then co53, co60, co54 is done. in co54 i am getting errror message -Destination PI04 COCI_CONFIRM_MATERIAL_CONS cannot process the message .

Could you please advise what went wrong here. my expectation is that it should issue that raw material in the order and goods movement document should be posted with 261 movement.

please help me how to solve this and advise incase i need to follow different way? also advise incase if i need to issue more than 1 raw material into the order, what i should do?

thank you in advance.