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Former Member
Sep 29, 2012 at 06:55 PM

Internal table issue


hi gurus, i have written the below code ,

types : begin of stud_emp,

name type c length 10,

rno type i,

dob type d,

end of studn_emp.

data itab type table of stud_emp.

data wa type stud_emp.

wa-name = 'a'. wa-rno = 1. wa-dob = 20120101.

append wa to itab.

loop at itab into wa.

write : wa-name,




but here i am getting the below output ,

a 1 00000000.

but i should get the output as a 1 20120101.

I am performed the debuging also , during debuging also i m getting 00000000 in the workarea.

please what might be the issue, to get the unexpected output.

tnx ,

praveen kodam.