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Sep 29, 2012 at 01:53 PM

Bilateral and sysndicated loans on SAP TRM


Hi Experts

My client has the above loans , my understanding is that we have to map them under Product Type 55A, i also see we have product type 56A and 56 B for facilities, kindly take me through, how i use the these two product types , do we configure the facility 55A first and use 55A only for drawdowns kindly take me through the steps how to use them. some loans use fixed interest rate and sme use variable rates. In terms of fees we have this scenario

5% GRT (Gross Receipt Tax ) if loan remaining tenor is 5yrs and below

1% GRT if remaining loan tenor is more than 5yrs

My other challge is how do i derive the flows for this GRT scenario since it varies per period, derived flows seem to be configured per fixed percentage.

Thank you in advance