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Former Member
Jul 14, 2005 at 04:52 AM

Need to run start routine only once


I understand that for every data package from ODS to Cube, the start routine is run. But I need to run it only once. Is there anyway to achieve this? As the programming logic doesn't really do anything to the data package, I don't need it to be in the start routine. But as I populate a database table using that routine, which in turn is used in update routines, I need to kick it off before the load from ODS to cube happens. I think an ABAP routine variant can be kicked off in process chains. Did anyone use the variant and know how to kick off the routine? Do I have to write this logic in a function module and then kick it off using ABAP variant in Process chains?

I would prefer a way to limit my start routine to run once for every data load rather than kicking it off through process chain. Can someone discuss which is a good approach and how I go about it? Thanks for your inputs.