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Sep 28, 2012 at 08:41 AM

MRP for Plant to Plant Transfer


Dear Experts,

I have a scenario as below.

Plant 1000 is the supplying plant while all plants will retrieve Material M001 from Plant 1000.

Plant 1100 is a receiving plant for Material M001.

Both Plant has a re-order point set and M001 is a newly created material with zero stock.

Both Plant has used a MRP Type which has all checkboxes checked as the external requirement.

After MRP Run, I've noticed that a Planned Order for Stock Transfer is created from Plant 1100 to Plant 1000 with quantity equals to the re-order point of Plant 1100, which is expected. Howevere, on the other side, Plant 1000 can view the Transfer Request from Plant 1100, but the Planned Order generated involve only the quantity request from Plant 1000, but not Plant 1100. I have further tried to convert the transfer order to a PO to Plant 1000, but the MRP just not trigger Plant 1000 to do extra procurement until Good Issue by Plant 1100 take place.

Can the behavior be configured such that when a Transfer Planned Order is generated from Plant 1100, the requested quantity will be treated as an external requirement in Plant 1000 and procurement will occur if stock quantity is not enough?