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Jul 14, 2005 at 02:53 AM

Inserting Folders help needed


I need to add a folder (tab) to the Service Call screen. The folder needs to be inserted after the "Activities"


The folder I am adding always gets inserted as the

first one (before "General").

I have no Idea how to insert it between two other folders.

What's it with FromPane and ToPane properties of the Item object? do I need to set this for the Folder item as well?

here is my code (VB6)

        'add the folder - child jobs
        Set oItm = oForm.Items.Add("4003", it_FOLDER)
        Set oRelateItm = .Items("53") 'History tab
        oItm.Height = oRelateItm.Height
        Set oFolder = oItm.Specific
        '---set the caption
        oFolder.Caption = "Child Jobs"
        oFolder.DataBind.SetBound True, "", "CjFldrDS"
        oFolder.GroupWith ("53") '---Activities tab
        'testing to add a text box
        Set oItm = oForm.Items.Add("4004", it_EDIT)
        oItm.FromPane = 8
        oItm.ToPane = 8
        Set oRelateItm = .Items("67") ' another item on the general tab
        oItm.Left = oRelateItm.Left
        oItm.Top = oRelateItm.Top
        .PaneLevel = 8