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Sep 28, 2012 at 05:11 AM

Tool for sending an iDoc over ALE



I need some help with this 'newbie' question please..

I have a customer that has an SAP system which is receiving IDOC files through it's ALE interface (they are being send from an old middle-ware system).

This old middle-ware system is being replaced

I'm working with the new middle-ware system that is successfully generating IDOC messages and placing them into a folder in the operating system (Windows).

I would like to create/purchase a tool that can pick up this IDOC text file and send it to SAP.

(a) Are there such tools available ?

(b) Can I create this tool? I have Java and .NET expertise - so - can I assume that with the SAP jCO libraries (or .Net equivalent) I can write a java program that connects to SAP and sends it the IDOC text over its ALE interface ??