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Sep 27, 2012 at 11:16 PM

Time Management, Automatic salary deduction in late


Hi guys,

My question is big a little bit , i want to implment this case ,if i am using the positive time management and i want if the employee is absent ,the system is to deduct automatically 2 days from his salary , so what configuration needed in the time evaluation schema shall be done ,or configuration generally?

the same requirement if the employee is late by 30 mins , the system is to deduct half day of his salary.

and what if i want to make 2 types of absence, the first one absence with permission ( and this type to deduct only from his quota ) , and the other type is absence without permission ( and this type to deduct from his salary by 2 days ).

i just need the steps to configure that in details if you could , because this is my first time to interact with the positive time management 😊