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Sep 27, 2012 at 02:00 PM

Upgrading from SBOP BI (BOE) 4.0 SP02 Patch7 to SP04 Patch2


I have two BOE servers with a folder share for the Input/Output repository. While running the BI Platform 4.0 Server SP4 update, I noticed that the folder share was not mounted. The update never finished, said it was "running command line executable", I believe. The status bar was very close to the end. I got the folder share to mount and I was thinking that the update would finish. It never did. I looked at the manage servers via the central configuration manager and saw the the Input and Output file repository servers "running with errors"... I tried to restart to no avail.

I then shut down the SIA and Tomcat server and rebooted the BOE server. The Input and Output file repository servers still say they are "running with errors". The programs and features on windows has the SP4 update listed.

- how do I find out the errors for the Input/Output servers?

- should I restart the SP4 update?

- do i need to run the Repository Diagnostic Tool to fix the input/output server running with errors?