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Sep 27, 2012 at 08:51 AM

Do we have a way to customize the auto provision email for initial password email?


Hi GRCers,

If i create a CUP request and the notification email will send to Security team. I realize in the "email arguments" there is no choice for System name. So the in the email it will not mention system name. I tried with parameter #_!SYSTEM_NAME#_! or #_!SYSTEMNAME#_! it turned out it does not exist.

Also, for the system generated auto provision email for new users's initial password, is there a way to put the system name in (not just SID and client) becaue the end user may does not know the SID. For expample, if i add "SAP BW production" in with the SID, the user will get more info instead of confusion.

Do we have a parameter which is the system name? I thought it was #_!SYSTEM_NAME#_! or #_!SYSTEMNAME#_!, well, i guessed.

Thanks very much!

best regards,