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Sep 27, 2012 at 06:56 AM

Number range updation problem


Dear Experts,

I had created a program which creates Customer master using BDC for XD01 transaction.

Here 2 types of customer I am creating. 1 is domestics and 2 is ship-to-party.

For domestic we have our per-decided codification, so no problem at all in it.

While creating ship-to-party we have SAP std. number range, no pre-define codification.

Now problem is customer master created, but internal number range in not getting updates.

Means customer which is created thru bdc program is getting store in KNA1 table but

standard number range in XDN1 - current number is not getting updates or

std. buffering is increases by 5 numbers.

Not getting exactly what is it problem.

Please note we do not have external number ranges.

Please suggest how I can update std.number range properly so, It will maintain.

Also note that our SAP contract partners have suggest that not to use BDC and use std. tcode XD01.

But we want to use this Programs so please help.


Nayan Lad