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Sep 26, 2012 at 10:13 PM

MRP type P2 or P4 equivalent in SCM APO SNP


Dear all,

In ECC we always used MRP type P2 (firming without order proposal) and P4 for planning materials.

Now we have switched to SNP heuristic planning we are looking for similar functionality. We are particularly keen on the functionality from P2 and P4 that no order propasals are created in or at the end of the planning time fence. Shortages within the planning time fence were disregarded if they were solved before the end of the planning time fence.

In SNP we have the following problem:

We have a stock tranfer horizon (STH) of 100 days. Within this STH we go below our safety stock from day 50 onwards. This is handled by the planners because they managed to procure some materials that will arrive on day 60.

However, after the SNP heuristic run SAP generates a purchase requisition at the end of the STH to solve this (virtual shortage that's already solved). As a consequence we are overstocked. In the past, when we used ECC MRP planning, with type P2 or P4 we didn't have this issue as the shortage situation within the planning time fence was not adjusted.

Does anybody know what settings we can change in SNP to solve this?

Kind regards,