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Sep 26, 2012 at 08:43 PM

Bex query designer - SAP variable customer user exit: value of a restricted characteristic


SAP BW 7.0

I am writing a SAP variable via a customer user exit for the characteristic 0FISCPER (Fiscal Year Period). I would like to generalize the code for these user exit and that is why I need the value of the restriction of the characteristic 0FISCVARNT (Fiscal Year Variant) in the concerning query. In my query definition the characteristic 0FISCVARNT is restricted to the value "[K4] Calendar Year, 4 spec . periods", but I would like to read this value in my user exit in stead of hardcoding it.

Does anybody know i can read in my user exit the values of the characteristic restrictions (filter values) of the concerning query.

Does anybody knows if this is possible and how this can be implemented? I have already checked all the posts in sdn on de the subject "SAP variable user exit".

Kr, Guy Verschueren