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Sep 26, 2012 at 02:05 PM

Leveraging portal navigation for GRC content


Hello all,

As we know, in GRC 10.0, customers face the choice of either using NWBC or the NetWeaver Portal as a user interface.

In my view, the standard GRC portal content delivered by SAP is pretty poor - as it merely replicates the NWBC "navigation structure", rather than leveraging the portal's own navigation structure and capabilities (including search, portal favorites, etc.).

What is your view on creating custom portal content (using multi-tier navigation layers, rather than just the top nodes) based in singular WebDynpro ABAP iViews that can be integrated in the portal navigation structure in a custom way?

Has anyone any experience with this? Do you see any limitations?

I personally don't see any - except maybe for the "Delegation" functionality, which seems to be build into the top-level workset applications (those very elements that above-outlined approach would get rid of).

Looking forward to your opinions!