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Sep 26, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Generate script logic record without any scoped signed data? BPC 7.5 NW


Hi, Is it possible to write a record back to BPC if the scoped data set has no signed data? I am attempting to create some logic script that gives a 'Warning' status to a BPC data manager package so that this script can be called from ABAP, if a warning icon it to be shown. I am writing data to a calculated member on purpose; 2012.TOTAL so generate the warning, but would like to do it without the requirement for signed data. This is because I would like to reduce any maintenance overhead by BPC support team to ensure a particular entity / signed data entry etc. is in the system. It is of course possible to leave the scoping to just the TIME dimension, but no members hold 2012.TOTAL as it is calculated, and 2012.JAN has a lot of data so query time is exceptionally long. I want this to be very fast! Thanks, Nick


*IS AC110000