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Sep 26, 2012 at 04:28 AM

BEx Analyzer Decimals Questions


Hi BI Gurus,

There's one question regarding Decimals.

Right now, we have sent the Key Figure in BW as 0.00 decimals.

and we have also set decimals to 0.00 @ Column level in BEx Query.

The query is displaying correctly as the following pic, however, if we clicked on the particular cell, it then will display more decimals places, rather than just 0.00.

For example: we clicked on the particular cell (e.g. node 518 - Banker Acceptance), It shows -7153.219999979 on the text area in Excel, rather than just 2 decimals.

We have already checked the InfoCube based on the GL account, its also 2 decimals.

May I know how the decimals setting on Key figure level, and also BEx level works?

And more importantly, is there any way to fix this so that when user click on the list, it shows only 2 decimals?

Thanks alot.



Screenshot.jpg (148.3 kB)