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Sep 25, 2012 at 09:28 PM

GRC 10: NWBC shows the tabs, but incomplete contents


I've followed the AC 10 slide decks that are available from SAP. The decks that I've gone through are:

AC 10.0 - Post-Installation

GRC 10.0 - Post-Installation

AC 10.0 Pre-Implementation From Post-Installation to First Risk Analysis

On the last deck noted above, on slide 17, it instructs me to go into NWBC and to run the first risk analysis. However, when I run NWBC, I'm first presented with a list. The first item on the list is a folder, named /nwbc, and then it lists the roles assigned to my SU01 profile. Here's what it looks like (roles renamed):

Launch NetWeaver Business Client



Access For All SAP Users, Governance, Risk, & Compliance, GRC - Base role to run GRC applications, GRC - Business User, GRC - Power User

  1. ZRole1

Access For All SAP Users


Governance, Risk, & Compliance


GRC - Base role to run GRC applications


GRC - Business User


GRC - Power User

Clicking on the folder named /nwbc launches the Business Client, where it shows the following tabs:

My Home

Master Data

Rule Setup


Access Management

Reports an Analytics


When I click on Access Management, according to the slide deck - slide 17, I should have "Access Risk Analysis", and a list of SoD analysis options.

Instead, I only have "Access Request" on the right side of the screen, with one link - "Request Status".

I've gone through the setup, and have run the background jobs. This seems to be security related issue, but my user ID has the roles noted above, and they're all copies of the roles provided by SAP, and they're generated.

I'm not really sure what the issue might be on this.

Thanks for the help!