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Sep 25, 2012 at 03:35 PM

Customer specific configuration


Hi all,

I need your help, or at least your point of view, to understand which could be the best approach to create a customer specific configuration.

In our VC, we have already created all the characteristics and values we need, along with all the other features (dependencies, tables, etc.); everything works in the right way, allowing to configure our product and select all the options required.

Now, we'd like to create a "preset", based on a char representing the customer, that triggers all the standard chars and values for that particular customer: this means to default some values, restrict others to specific values or ranges, allowing the user to make some selections, or input missing data.

Actually, we are configuring the top level and seven second-level finished components, and we are evaluating to configure also raw third-level raw components; we have more than 250 characteristics, 3100 dependencies and nearly 600 tabels.

We are aware that to create defaults and restrict selections, the quickest way wolud be to write/modify dependencies; but it will require a lot of time and maintenance, in this situation. Consider also that if it will work for a customer, we'll have to create something similar for other customers.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue? How could it be managed?

Any help or idea would be welcome.

Thank you,