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Sep 25, 2012 at 01:31 PM

Abap synchronous web service development


Hello Everybody,

I am new to Abap development and struggeling with this issue. My goal ist to create a syncronous web service (soap) on a "Abap-stack-only" Netweaver machine (7.3). Essentially, I have created a simple Functional Module with my application logic and used the web service Wizard to create a "Service Provider" (right-click on Fuba, create Enterprise Webservice). This is working fine. However, I need more control of how the response message looks like (rename certain tags). I can even see the WSDL of the service the wizard generates but it is read-only. Where does the mapping of Abap and the XML response happen? I am used to development environments with more control of the output (in .NET world, I can send back the response I like ...). How would you do this Abap?

Note: I don't have a SAP PI/XI available.

tl;dr; version: 😉

Have Abap Fuba. Want synchron web service. Wizard creates Input and Output operations like "CustomerCreateMessage" and "CustomerCreateMessageResponse". In the "Change Service Definition" screen, I can change the name of the input (request) operation name to whatever I like but there is no way to do the same for the output (response). The response is always request_operation_name + "response" I want to rename the response operation to "CustomerCreateResponse".

Many Thanks.