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Sep 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM

Is PI able to consume webservice from UDDI ?


Hi experts !

In my current project, we have SAP Netweaver PI 7.0, and customer requested to build interfaces which will consume WebServices from a UDDI server, in a way that, if some service needs to have its address(endpoint) changed(caused by infra-structure changes), the interfaces must be able to automatically points to the new service endpoint, according to the changes reflected by the UDDI registry. Additionaly, customer requested to provide a UDDI registry from PI for the SOAP Sender interfaces, to be consumed by company systems/applycations. Is it possible to build interfaces which are able to consume UDDI registry, and also provide UDDI registry(native) for some interfaces, using PI 7.0 ? According to my knowledge, I think it´s not possible to achieve that on PI 7.0.

If not, is it possible on PI 7.1 ? Finally, if it is not possible in any of these PI versions, is it possible on PI 7.3 ?

Thank you in advance, and best regards.