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Sep 25, 2012 at 11:27 AM

Reuse BSP WD view in another component


Hi All,

I am trying to reuse a view, say, ICCMP_SSC_LL/LinkObjects in the component : ICCMP_SSC_LL.

This is a view with tabular format wherein the linked objects with the Service Request are displayed.

I want to display these linked objects in another component, say, BTCHKLST.

I have created the component usage of the used component, added the needed view in the new component's viewset and also added the needed view in the view configuration of the viewset of new component, as a block. And also created the two missing context nodes.

I want this view area in the new component to behave the same way as it does in its original component.

I could only achieve half of this. The linked objects are not getting displayed in the new view area but in the original component, they are available.

How can I achieve this?

If I am not wrong, I would need some coding, but I am not sure what all has to be done.

Please suggest!