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Sep 25, 2012 at 11:01 AM

WSDL Generation / Publishing with external URLs in endpoints.


Hi All,

I was hoping someone could assist, I am using PI 73ehp1 and trying to publish / generate a WSDL for an integrated configuration, I am using the Publish to SR functionality in IB. I have web dispatcher configured on the box and I want the WSDL to have the URL / port of the web dispatcher not the url of the application server.

Reading the help it seems like the reverse proxy config of SOA Global Settings in NWA would do the trick, my understanding was that if I configure this correctly and mark as relevant for SR publishing, and then publish my service to the SR, I should see the external endpoints in the published WSDL. For example from help: (

"....The system uses this default value for the generation of the first part for

external endpoint/WSDL URLs published in Services Registry."

But I cannot get it to do this. When I configurre the WS HTTP Proxy to have the URL mapping i desire it does not affect the URLs in the published. The only result of this seems to be that the "internal" link to the SR http://<appserver>:<port>/sr now redirects using the values configured in the reverse proxy, which I don't really want! So I don't get the result I want but I get an annoying side effect.

I can acheive what I want by using the "options" button (while publishing from IB) and selecting "Overwrite URLs During Publication" but I don't want to manually do this every time, it is prone to error and is time consuming. I just want to set something up to say that all WSDLs published to the SR should contain the webdispatcher details in the URL not the "internal" app server and port.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am running out of things to try.