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Jul 13, 2005 at 10:23 AM

Messages stuck in Queue



I have a synchronous request response scenario using a ABAP proxy from a SRM system.The data gets written to a file system (Async) and we simulate a HTTP async response back to BPM from the File adapter, if file is written successfully.We close S/A bridge by passing on the response data(success/failure) back to ABAP proxy

Players in the scenario are

Abap Proxy - >S/A Bridge(Sync Receive)-> File Write(Send step Async)->Receive Async(HTTP response Async)-> S/A Bridge Close(Response to ABAP Proxy)

Initially the bridge was getting closed properly as we had unique correlation values sent from proxy.Currently we can see the queue has stopped(in qRFC monitor with SYSFAIL message).

When we clicked on the SYSFAIL message, we get a pop up saying, "CLIENT_RECEIVE_FAILED".

My ccBPM Technical monitor shows that the final SYNC Send is "IN PROCESS"..

Could this be a problem with the ABAP proxy?? How do i debug..??


Sriram V.