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Sep 25, 2012 at 06:51 AM

MIC change in production order



Is thers any option (user exit/enhancement) to change MIC at production order level (CO02).

To be more specific, at any point of time there would be 4-5 jobs (project specfic) being manufactured on shop floor.

Irrespective of diemnsions/ design parameters of FG we are using common R.O.S (reference operation set) at plant level as the operations/work stations are common.

Material master for project specific material is created and while creating production order for the same, ROS is automatically copied into the production order due to synch of production scheduler/supervisor with ROS group in a z-table.

As there is a requirement of In-process inspection, we have maintained inspection type 03 in material master and MIC are assigned to ROS.

The difficulty here is, range/specfications of MIC's are to be changed as per the project specific FG (as per drawing).

Being common ROS, changing of MIC is not being possible.

Therefore, pls. advice if there is any alternate otherthan creating individual routing.

It would be more help, if there is a provision to change MIC in production order (CO02) or QA32.

Note: Unplanned characteristics cannot be used.