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Jan 03, 2017 at 07:32 PM

SAP PCA transfer pricing design


Hi All,

We are middle of New GL based profit center transfer pricing implementation. i have couple of design questions.

1.Activate the partner profit center for use. SPRO-> Controlling -> Profitability Analysis -> Structures -> Segment-Lvl Characteristics KEQ3

Is this set up mandatory or optional to flow transfer pricing data to COPA?

2.Condition type PC00 is added to intercompany pricing procedure.but how the condition type values are populated for PC00?

3.What is the difference between AKE5 Vs AKE8 Vs AKE1 transaction codes?If I load transfer price using AKE5 is going to work or need to maintain transfer price value using AKE8 and AKE1.

Any help is appreciated