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Sep 24, 2012 at 11:41 AM

Performance based preventive maintenance


Hi Team,

I want to do performance based preventive maintenance of my equipment.(pump).I need to do

performance based preventive maintenance of my pump as follows:

My operations of pump are as follows:

1: Oil leakage checking after every 1000gph(gallon/hr)flow rate.

2: Pump motor base bolts checking after 2000gph(gallon/hr)flow rate.

Flow rates of the pump are not constant. It is irregular.For example if today's flow rate say 100gph and tomorrow it is 150gph and so on.

So if i enter my measurement documents(IK11) against the counter for the respective flow rates and when the flow rate will reach 1000gph or 2000gph it will creat maintenance order.

So my question is why it is needed to schedule through IP10/IP30 for my maintenance plan(IP42).If the flow rate is constant for every day then it is meaningful

to do scheduling.

In my case it is irregular. So without scheduling my maintenance plan through IP10/IP30) i can generate maintenance order(IW31) automatically in the

background by continously updating readings through measurement documents(IK11).

Do you think that in my case it is needed to be scheduled(IP10/IP30)?

Kindly help.Need good explaination.