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Sep 24, 2012 at 10:32 AM

Newline charcaters being replaced by # while converting smartform to PDF


Hi Experts,

We are on SAP E-Recruiting EHP5 and here a candidate creates his personal profile on the recruiters site for easily applying against various job opportunities. After filling up his profile the summary of all the data entered by the candidate is shown as a PDF under a tab. This PDF is actually arrived at by passing the candidate data to a SMARTFORM & then converting it to a PDF. The issue is that of all the data entered by the user under the, "Additional Information" textEdit fields on the portal only the 1st 255 charcaters are getting displayed within the PDF. Also any enter keys that are pressed by the user while filling up the form are replaced by # signs in the PDF. Please help advise as to how to resolve the issue.

I debugged the issue & found that the text is saved & retrieved from the backend via the method calls: CL_HRRCF_HRKWF_STORAGE=>UPDATE_INFTY_TEXT & CL_HRRCF_HRKWF_STORAGE=>READ_INFTY_TEXT

When I check in the debug mode the text shows a # in between for the enter keys and only the 1st 255 charcaters as I eventually get to see but i am not sure whether the text has really got chopped off as I assume that we always only get to see the 1st 255 characters in debug mode.

Below are the issue snapshots from the portal:

This is the text that I had entered within the text edit field. There are 3 carriage returns in between the 2 paragraph texts which get replaced by 3 #'s in the PDF. Also only the first 255 characters of the actual text gets displayed on the PDF.

A new application wizard called "Short application wizard" will be developed only for use in high volume recruiting. A checkbox for High Volume Recruiting needs to be defined in the Job Posting page.

Furthermore functionality needs to be defined at the publication logic of the requisition maintenance for retrieving the URL to the application wizard. The generated application URL will differ based on the checkbox on the respective publication.


Output in PDF.JPG (45.2 kB)