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Sep 24, 2012 at 10:01 AM

ABAP and ABAP+JAVA system refresh FAQ



Need to do system refresh for ABAP and ABAP+JAVA systems on AIX and DB2 platform

Pls clarify the below queries


1. Can we simply follow DB2 offline backup and redirected restore..since its an offline backup restore , would it have the RFC destination, ABAP variants & etc on the target system automatically..(or) we need to do post steps manually ?

2. if we do homogenus copy(export and import)..will it reduce the steps compare with offline backup and restore..or still the post refresh steps mandatory

If both the ABAP and JAVA in different hosts,,.how the system refresh can be done?


Referred the system copy guide at SMP..but some are still unclear.

1. If we do DB2 offline backup and redirected restore, will it copy the data of Source - ABAP only into QTY,.,then how to do for the JAVA..Should it be done separately?.. and if both ABAP and JAVA in different to do system refresh

if so, Steps pls

2. if we do hompgenous copy for ABAP+JAVA,..then DB2 redirected restore is not necessary?..can we it have the data of both ABAP+JAVA ?...if it has the data of ABAP+JAVA..still the post installation are must?

If so, steps pls.

Thanks a ton for your help