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Jul 12, 2005 at 09:10 PM

how to pass on variables while redirecting from BSP to HTML page.


Hi all,

I have two BSP pages - BSP1, BSP2. When I click a submit button on BSP1, it should call BSP2 wherein BSP2 will work silently behind the scenes and redirect some variable values through hidden form fields to BSP1 back.

User will not see BSP2 in fact. He just deals with BSP1, but when he clicks the submit button on BSP1, it silently calls BSP2, and then BSP2 will process something behind the scenes and sends back values through hidden form fields to BSP1 by means of redirection. After redirection from BSP2 to BSP1, I am not getting the hidden fields in BSP1. From the BSP1, I am trying to get the hidden fields of BSP1 using:

Here is how my code in BSP2 (redirecting to BSP1) looks like:

<b>BSP2 : Layout:</b>

<input type="hidden" name="hf1" value="vicky">

<b>BSP2 : OnInitialization:</b>

response->redirect( url_BSP1 ).

navigation->response_complete( ).

But when I am doing this, the hidden form fields from BSP2 are not being passed to BSP1 back.

I am trying to get the form values <b>in BSP1</b> as below:

<b>BSP1 : Layout:</b>


data: hfield type string.

hfield = request->get_form_field('hf1').


I even tried the above code in onRequest, and onInitialization sections. But I am getting nothing.

Please give me some ideas on how to deal with the redirection and get the hidden values out of that.

Thanks in advance.