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Sep 21, 2012 at 03:49 AM

How to aggregate my key figure in the query?


Hi Experts,

My infocube has the information as given below:

SITE MATERIAL DATE BILL.NUM KEYFIG(No.of Billing Docs) S1 M1 5/9/2012 B1 1 S1 M2 5/9/2012 B1 1 S1 M3 5/9/2012 B1 1 S1 M3 5/9/2012 B1 1

Now, I am designing a Query, where I am using No.of Billing Docs Key figure. In the report, I am expecting to see No.of Billing Docs as 1 for site S1(because our query is at site level).

So for the site S1, on Date 5/9/2012, I expect No.of Billing Docs in report as "1".

But the actual report shows as 4 (which is a summation).

My Question is: Please advise me on how to define the No.of Billing Docs Key figure in the Query to get my expected value ?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards,