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Sep 21, 2012 at 02:43 AM

Webdynpro opening multiple user sessions


Hi experts

Maybe this thread is not for this forum, but if some one can give some orientation it will helpfull.

I have a wda with flash island inside. When i open this wda or others wda without flash island, the system create a user session of type 'Plugin HTTP' in SM04; one entry in SM04 for each web browser openned by each webdynpro.

But for some reason, now every time when some same wda with flash island send an event to wda, and wda call a RFC to other system, the system is creating a user session in SM04 (this has not been happening before), so when the user is working , the system is fulled for many sessions (one session for each event triggered, like if the user open anhoter web browser). This makes the system reach the limit of sessions in SM04 and send error 'ERROR Logon Failed - CPIC-CALL: "ThSAP CMRCV"... '

Does somebody knows where can i investigate how to fix this problem (maybe BASIS problem) for not open a new user session for each event executed in one same webdynpro ?

Best Regards