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Sep 20, 2012 at 09:11 PM

More than one column in OVP


Hi all,

I'm starting with OVP and I've a little problem. I've created section, set it to display 2 columns and added two UIBBs, Unfortunatelly they are being displayed in two separated rows. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? In preview everything looks ok.

Best Regards

Marcin Cholewczuk

EDIT: I've just noticed one more thing. I've pushed Personalization button and inside I could see two sections (everything ok so far) but both were set to display mode "One column" and in first section I could see all 3 UIBB and in second section none. When I pressed restore to default everything was set to like it should be (section one: layout two columns, and I can see two UIBB each in separate column, section two: layout one column and one UIBB inside). Is this some kind of bug in FPM? This is new application so I'm pretty sure that I didn't set any personalization/customization/cofiguration for it.


screen1.png (77.4 kB)
screen2.png (20.9 kB)