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Sep 20, 2012 at 04:38 PM

RMA Process



I am asked to set up a return material authorization (RMA) process by my client. They already have a RMA process in place and it is used for other entity. I have been asked to adopt the same process.

RMA Process:

1) We send out replacement unit to customer

2) Customer send the defective unit after receiving the replacement unit

3) Sometime charge customer for this service.

Customer keeps the replacement unit and the defective unit is repaired and kept in our inventory for replacements. We have a vendor how does the repair for us. The repair process is out of scope and we don’t use CS and PM.

SAP Process Deployed:

Single sales order with three different item categories to handle above 3 processes (Send Replacement, receive return, service charge).

Send Replacement - consignment fill-up is used(MB1A with 633W done later).

Receive Return – Return without billing.

Service Charge – Normal Service Charge.

I believe the process implemented is wrong. All three processes are bundled in on one transaction (sales Order) for convenience. I believe that each process should follow standard SAP transaction, that is return – Std. Return Order (without billing since customer will receive replacement), Send Replacement – Free of charge delivery, Service Charge – through Std. order with service charge.

I would like to get the input form the experts in above case. I want to follow the best practice which I believe the SAP standard transaction for each process.

Please give your valuable advice.