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Sep 20, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Auto Mapping on Transformation Between DataSource and Cube not working


Hi BW gurus,

Recently I have installed a Standard cube (0PUR_CO1) and also installed 2 Standard DataSource:- 2LIS_02_HDR, 2LIS_02_ITM.

After I activated it, I right click on the InfoCube and create Transformation, between the Cube and the DataSource.

Normally it would have auto mapped for us right from the start, However, in this case, the Transformationm, there are none are Auto Mapped.

It has a lot of InfoObject, and apart from those obvious ones (e.g. Vendor etc) I can map manually, but there are around 80 other Characteristic and Key Figures which are not mapped automatically.

Is there are function to Autp Propose Mapping between a Source and Target?

Thanks in advance,