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Sep 20, 2012 at 08:44 AM

[BO XI R3.1 Edge] SIA and CMS not started


I have the following configuration:

Windows 2008 R2 Server
BO Edge 3.1 with SP3 ( BuildVersion= )
Repository stored on a local MySQL Server

And The Problem is:
I am not able to start the cms - Server. Neither with the SIA nor manually from "DOS Prompt"
On the ccm the sia doesn't start (Click start and within seconds the result is "Aborted")

I have configured the trace settings like this:

active = true;
importance = '<<';
alert = true;
severity = ' ';
keep = false;
size = 100000;
consultant = "hello";

The result is: nothing
An empty sia_<date_time>.log file.

And a a command for the manuall start:
ccm.exe -managedstart <cmsname>.CentralManagementServer -cms<cmsname>:6400 -username Administrator -password <pwd> -authentication secEnterprise
Creating session manager...
Logging onto CMS...
Unable to logon to CMS


Yes, the System worked fine for many month and I have enough disk store

How can I start the BO - CMS Server and the BO - System.