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Sep 19, 2012 at 03:56 PM

ITS Mobile screens on Motorola 9090 - vertical scrolling issue



I have created and published some ITS mobile services to be used on the Motorola MC9090 device. The screens in ABAP have been developed for the 16X20 size.

When displayed on the device though, all the elements are not fitting on the screen - i am having to scroll up and down.

I am successfully able to control the width of the elements in the screen using the parameters - ~ITSMOBILEELEMFACTOR and ~ITSMOBILEELEMUNITS.

I have also added the paraemeter ~DYNPRO_COMPRESSION which is not helping with compressing the empty vertical spaces on the screen.

Also, to note is that i generated the templates using the "Mobile Devices (No HTML tables)" generating style.

I have seen posts here saying that the CSS have to be edited to control the vertical spacing.

I see the "MOBILE.CSS" stylesheet with the ITSMOBILE service, however, i am not able to figure out the adjustments to be made.

I would really appreciate if anyone can provide help on the experience they have had in solving similar issue on the MC9090 device.

Thanks & Regards,

Renjith John Andrews