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Sep 19, 2012 at 03:52 PM

SNP: SNP-PlannedOrders without a planning run ?


Hello experts,

we are investigating in APO-SNP an issue where a lot of products got SNP PlannedOrders / Receipts (ATP Cat = EE) without any obvious reason.

* it is in one specific location where we don't run any SNP or PP/DS plannung processes in APO - neither Heuristics, nor Optimizer nor CTM.

* the only active process is GATP check in this location from ERP R3 + BOP runs every day.

* the SNP PlannedOrders have a "PP-fixed" attribute (can not be changed by a planning run anyway) and are of ApplicationType 4 (SNP based)

* the SNP PlannedOrders are not transfered to R3 since the publication model is not activated for this location (which avoids bigger trouble)

What are other potential sources of getting SNP Planned Orders as receipts elements in SNP in a location where no active planning process is applied ? Any hint where to start searching is welcome !