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Sep 19, 2012 at 02:54 PM

Event-handling/navigation in BSP-component doesn't work bound in WebUI


Hi community,

i'm in need of some kind of assistance. I have created a custom BSP-Component with two viewsets (each viewset has 2 views). In the first view of the first viewset i've bound in a thtmlb-button, which forwards to the second viewset (via Plugs and navigate-function). Between the views i'm transfering a value, bind in a value node (View-Controller - CuCo - ViewController)

When testing the component isolated everything works fine (navigating works - as well as transfering the value - without problems).

After that i have bound the component via SPRO as a link into the webui - connected to the role salespro.

Now i choose the salespro-role in WUI, click on the new-created link in the navigation bar on the left and my standard viewset appears in the content area.

BUT now, clicking on the fordward-button causes an infinite loading-icon in the middle of the viewset. No Forwarding, no navigation. It seems like the event can't be handled. But, like i've already underlined above, testing the standalone component does work.

Could you give me an advice? Where's my mistake?

P.S.: I have also tested it with an empty button-eventhandler and same problem occurs.

Regards, Tom Jefferson