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Sep 19, 2012 at 12:38 PM

Test Mapping with RFC Lookup UDF in PI 7.0


Hi all,

I tried to search for something related to this subject in the forum, but didn't find any specific.

I'm doing a proxy->soap assync interfaces where I have to trigger a RFC lookupr during mapping time.

As we're running PI 7.01, I needed to develop the UDF with business system, communication channel and the field to be looked up as the (3) input parameters of this UDF, so the RFC would return an email address.

I'm getting the following exception when testing the mapping through the Test tab within Message Mapping:

RFC Lookup Failed: Plain exception:Problem when calling an adapter by using communication channel ERP_RFC_Receiver (Party: , Service: Sys_ERP_BS, Object ID: 5ca2116d2e96328aa3047dab342218c0) Check whether the communication channel exists in the Integration Directory; also check the cache notifications for the instance Integration Server (central Adapter-Engine) Channel object with Id Channel:5ca2116d2e96328aa3047dab342218c0 not available in CPA Cache.

The business system and communication channel indeed exist.

Is the lookup feature something I can test in mapping test tool? If so, what is going wrong here?

Thank you all.