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Sep 19, 2012 at 07:38 AM

Strange behaviour in ALV input field


Hello guru's

I have an input screen based on ALV (OO). In this screen we are able to fill the field Order Quantity.

The goal of this screen is to allow a great number of order in one operation.

My problem is when we put the cursor on a field, automatically after 3 seconds, the field is refreshed. Thus during the fill process, if we have a small hesitation, we lost the data that we have just filled. And we have some error in the process.

In the attached document, you can see that :

  • In the first screen the field is open for filling
  • In the second screen, after 3 second, the field is refreshed, and I f we continue to fill it, we replace the value

Is there someone has the same strange behavior, and found a solution.

Thanks a lot for your help




screen 2.jpg (57.9 kB)
screen 1.jpg (60.4 kB)