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Sep 18, 2012 at 08:22 PM

Oracle Query not working as expected


Hi Experts!

Having a problem with an Oracle Query that I am working on:

select searchvalue from idp_rt.mxiv_sentries where attrname = 'MSKEYVALUE' and mskey in (select mskey from idp_rt.mxiv_sentries where attrname='MX_FAILEDRECOVER' and searchvalue ='100')

The problem is that we are only receiving about 3-5 entries returned and there are at least 100 that we can identify via the UI. To make matters more interesting they are not always the same few entries.

Anyone have any ideas on this? It's really driving me nuts since this query should be working perfectly. I'm guessing it's something Oracle related since I've done this plenty of times in SQL Server.