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Sep 18, 2012 at 05:53 PM

Transaction launcher to launch BP from Order Screen in Web UI


Hi All,

My requirement is to open BP transaction from Order screen in Web Ui.

For this i have followed the below steps:

1. Enhanced the component BT115H_SLSO

2. Included the button on the View.. and when clicked on the button i should be able to display the BP screen with the Sold to Party Number available in the sale order screen in web ui.

3. I have created event handler EH_ON_CLICK calling the Out bound plug OP_NAVIGATETOTL( ) ( Outbound plug of overview page)

4. In OP_NAVIGATETOTL( ). i used Navigation link to navigate to main window inbound plug as from overview it is not feasible to call straightway the op of window.

view_manager->navigate( source_rep_view = rep_view

outbound_plug = 'NAVTOMAINWINDOW' ).

5. in Mainwindow IP_NAVIGATETOTLIP inbound plug i am calling the op of same mainwindow to go to op of mainwindow


6. in OP_NAVIGATETOTL( ). of mainwindow i need to navigate to transaction launcher

Can any one pls let me know how do i pass the data from the container to the Handler class from this outbound plug of Main window..

I have created Transaction launcher with the class i mentioned. using the method IF_CRM_IC_ACTION_HANDLER~PREPARE_DATA_FLOW of the handler class, i need to pass the parameter to the TL..

can any pls let me know how do i achieve this ...??