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Jul 12, 2005 at 08:55 AM

Mapping with dropdown component



I have a view with a dropdownbyIndex component. The entries available in the dropdown list are comming from a bapi result.

In order to do this, the property "texts" of the compopnent is pointing to a model attribute of my context which is mapped to my custom controler .

This works fine and when executing I see all possible values coming from my bapi.

Now the problem is that I need to get the selected value of the list to be an input parameter for another bapi I import in my model.

How to do this ?

My view context have a node "MyList" and under this a property "MyProp" but it is already bound in my custom controler to the bapi_input that get the list to display.

If I try to set manually the bapi_input (wdContext.myNode.currentElement.setMyProp("toto")), a null pointer exception occurs at runtime.