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Jul 12, 2005 at 08:31 AM

Late binding, anyone?


I have a small app that generates Excel and PowerPoint documents. In order to become more version independent I turned from early to late binding.

Early binding: Dim XLApp as Excel.Application

Late binding: Dim XLApp as Object

As there are many SBO versions and patch levels out there, and more in the pipeline, I decided to give a shot and turn SBO DIAPI and UIAPI to late binding, too.

Everything went quite OK (I hope): it seems that I can run the same .exe on any SBO version. Just installed SBO2005 Pre Eval, faced no major problems (the SBO functionality I have coded is quite basic).

There seems to be some issues that I can live with

- some properties are not available (IDispach -problems)

- SBO events can not be hooked at all

My questions are

1. Do you use late binding?

2. What issues you have faced?

3. What work-arounds / practices you use in order to deal with issues?

Any information & comments on this will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance