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Jul 12, 2005 at 07:08 AM

Problems writing to backend table vis aRFC call


Hello All,

I am trying to write the values in my table to the backend via aRFC call. Problem is, I am only able to transfer values that are outside the tables eg: UserID, Name, Address ... etc . Information in the table for some reason, is not able to be written to the backend.

The table on my screen consists of 9 columns and 5 rows :

1) Departure Date (inputfield)

2) Departure Time (inputfield)

3) Arrival Date (inputfield)

4) Arrival Time (inputfield)

5) From City (inputfield)

6) To City (inputfield)

7) Carrier (dropdown by key)

8) Flight Number (inputfield)

9) TravelClass (dropdown by key)

I am able to see the contents prior to executing the BAPI call by using this syntax (for verification purpose, I am only printing out the departure time):

"for (int i =0; i<wdContext.nodeTrans().size();i++)


Date printBegdat = wdContext.nodeZ_Xbtr_Create_Trip_Input().nodeTrans().getTransElementAt(i).getBegdat();

wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("The is the written printBegdat ℹ️ : " + printBegdat);


Can someone advise where I may have gone wrong ? Thnak you.


Kwok Wei