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Jul 11, 2005 at 07:57 PM

How to define null or empty value in BAPI function modules?



I have problem with BAPI functions, where some parameters are mandatory.

For example: when I try to use HR BAPI's(BAPI_PERSDATA_CHANGE, etc.) I have to insert parameters like SUBTYPE,OBJECTID,LOCKINDICATOR. The PA0002 table that is used from this BAPI doesn't have SUBTYPE, OBJECTID, LOCKINDICATOR, for any of the records that I would like to select.

So what I tried, was to put a ' ', to indicate that is empty. It returned an error message saying "Make an entry in all required fields". Next tried to put in some values for these fields -- and it returned an error message saying "No data selected from 0002 for this period".

I also tried to run BAPI_FAMILY_CHANGE that uses data from table PA0021. Here I found some records with SUBTYPE, OBJECTID fields that were not empty, but LOCKINDICATOR was still missing. So I tried to put LOCINDICATOR value directly in to database (with MS SQL Enterprise Manager). After that I was able to use BAPI_FAMILY_CHANGE.

I think that manually inserting data in database is not normal procedure.

Is there something that I have missed out?

I mean -- how can I get this to work without inserting data directly in database?

How can I define null or empty value in BAPI function modules?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,